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An interview prep tool powered by AI, helping candidates ace their interviews with personalized mock sessions & expert feedback.
The full case study for this project is currently in progress. Only a quick summary of the full case study is published


April 2024 - Ongoing
(2 weeks)

My Role

UX Research
Information Architecture 

Wireframe & Prototype


Problem Summary:

In today's competitive job market, many candidates struggle to adequately prepare for interviews, leading to missed opportunities and underwhelming performances. Traditional interview preparation methods often lack personalized feedback and fail to simulate real-world interview scenarios, leaving candidates unprepared to confidently showcase their skills and experiences to potential employers.

Solution Summary:

StandOutAI addresses this challenge by offering an innovative interview preparation solution powered by AI technology. Through personalized mock interview sessions and expert feedback, candidates can hone their interview skills, gain confidence, and improve their performance. By simulating real interview scenarios and providing tailored guidance, StandOutAI equips candidates with the tools they need to stand out and succeed in their job search endeavors.


During the initial stages of my project, I conducted a survey to gather insights into the challenges faced by job seekers during the interview preparation process. The survey consisted of questions covering topics such as interview timelines, previous experiences, key concerns, and preferred preparation methods.

10 questions | 36 responses

1. Limited Access to Qualified Practice Partners: The survey revealed that many job seekers lack access to qualified individuals to practice interview skills with. This often leads them to rely on mock interview events or last-minute practice sessions with friends or family, resulting in suboptimal preparation.
2. Time Constraints: A significant number of respondents reported facing time constraints and resorting to late-night interview preparation sessions due to busy schedules. This highlights the need for accessible and flexible preparation resources that accommodate candidates' time constraints.
3. Confidence Challenges: Job seekers expressed struggles with confidence when facing interviews, particularly when they lack opportunities for regular practice with qualified partners. Building confidence emerged as a key concern for many respondents, underscoring the importance of targeted support in this area.
4. Importance of Tailored Practice: The survey findings emphasized the value of tailored interview practice experiences that address specific concerns and challenges faced by candidates. Respondents expressed a need for resources and tools that simulate real interview scenarios and provide personalized feedback to enhance their preparation.
Overall, respondents expressed a strong desire for convenient and effective interview preparation resources that fit into their busy schedules and address their individual needs. There is a clear demand for accessible tools and strategies that enable job seekers to prepare confidently and effectively for interviews.

Summary of Insights


full prototype and walk through coming soon :)

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