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Creating a volunteer/admin dashboard for A Better Tent City, a non-profit, to streamline the sign-up and management process. 
The full case study for this project is currently in progress. Please check back shortly.


Sep 2023 - Present


3 Product Designer
2 Product Managers
2 Project Leads
7 Developers

My Role

Product Designer 
UX Reseacher


UX Research
Interaction Design
Wireframe & Prototype


What is  

UW Blueprint

The University of Waterloo Blueprint is a student-led initiative dedicated to leveraging technology for social impact. Our mission is to make technology more accessible and useful for those who create communities and promote public welfare. We partner with local nonprofits, offering pro-bono technology services such as website and mobile application development, and data analytics. Our values include amplifying impact, doing good for good, learning as a team sport, and fostering a supportive and inclusive culture. Learn more about us here

A Better Tent City (ABTC), a non-profit organization based in Kitchener Waterloo, provides a safer alternative for individuals experiencing homelessness, accommodating up to 50 residents. Operating solely on donations and housing allowances, ABTC partners with organizations like the Foodbank to offer essential services such as showers, health care, and meals. Founded in April 2020 through collaborative efforts, ABTC prioritizes moving individuals from dangerous street conditions to a more secure and supportive community setting. Learn more about A Better Tent City here


The Problem

Currently, ABTC relies on Google Sheets to manage volunteers, but this approach is proving to be increasingly disorganized as the organization grows. As the number of volunteers is expanding, the limitations of the current system are becoming more apparent, prompting the need for a more efficient and streamlined solution. 

The Solution

We aim to address this challenge by developing a scalable web dashboard designed to optimize volunteer-admin communication. This solution will enhance volunteer scheduling, tracking, organization, and management, providing ABTC with a more efficient and effective system for coordinating its volunteer workforce.

Preliminary Designs

*Work is still in progress. Only 3 screens are shown below

Admin Dashboard

Group 77 (1).png

This screen allows admin to view/ manage ABTC Volunteers and other members 

Group 76 (1).png

Modal that allows admin to create new shifts

Volunteer Dashboard

Group 78 (1).png

This screen allows volunteers to view/manage their upcoming shifts and also view all shifts.

Users can also navigate between a monthly and weekly view

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