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Hey! I'm Dhruvi — an enthusiastic product designer with a passion for blending human-centered design with analytical precision.

I believe in crafting experiences that blend innovation with empathy, creating solutions that not only address users' needs but exceed their expectations. My design philosophy revolves around meticulous attention to detail, combined with a deep understanding of human behavior. With each project, I strive to combined functionality and aesthetics seamlessly, aiming to foster meaningful connections between users and products. 

Driven by curiosity, I thrive on the challenge of translating complex problems into elegant, user-centric solutions. My approach is collaborative, drawing on insights from diverse perspectives to inform every stage of the design process.

What I'm currently up to...
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My Journey as a Designer.

My path into UX design wasn't a direct one. Growing up in Toronto, I was captivated by the world around me, constantly observing and analyzing everything from human interactions to the layout of physical spaces. My fascination with various forms of design, spanning from fashion, art and even architecture, was ignited early on. 

Initially drawn to architecture, I faced disappointment when I was waitlisted at all the architecture programs I applied to. However, my talent for mathematics led me to one of the top Mathematics programs in the country at the University of Waterloo. Despite my academic success, I found myself yearning for the creative outlet that architecture had promised.

Driven by a desire to merge my analytical prowess with my craving for creativity, I scoured the internet to find something that would fulfill me. This eventually led me to discover UX design. It was a revelation - a perfect fusion of problem-solving and design. From that moment, I knew I had found my calling. I have now switched my major to Global Business and Digital Arts while also completing my studies in math on the side.

Lately, I've been

Designing solutions for an NPO @ UW Blueprint

Skills I'm working on

Presentation and communication skills, Project management, User research methods, sewing, running a full km without walking

Current Obsessions

Long-form content, Architecture, Taking walks, Cooking youtubers, Suki Waterhouse, Board games

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